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"Justice" Fountain Pen

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Since 1993, Artus Fedoskino has created masterful lacquer artworks that have preserved and popularized the ancient complicated technique of "Fedoskino miniature." Fedoskino is a traditional Russian lacquer miniature painting typically done on papier-mache, named after its original center for the method, "Fedoskino" (Федоскино).

Fedoskino is the site of the country's oldest lacquer miniature industry. In the late 18th century, merchant Ivan Korobov established a factory of lacquer production in the village of Danilkovo (now Fedoskino) near Moscow, which in the early 19th century was inherited by the son-in-law Piotr(or Peter)Lukutin. He increased its output and, through his work, became known abroad.

The Lukutin's lacquer miniature was famous for its high artistic quality. The painting was done with oils and compact brushwork for fine, "transparent" looking strokes. Gold leaf and metallic powders were often used in a similar way to the Japanese lacquer art technique "Maki-e."


Writing system type: Fountain Pen
18k Gold Nib
Celluloid body with sterling silver dragon

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