24 Month Warranty

We stand by the quality of all of our pre-owned watches and mechanical objects. If something goes wrong, we’ll always strive to remedy the situation in a timely manner and to the best of our ability. The satisfaction and trust of our clients is of the highest importance, to everyone at Greenwich Time.

All of our pre-owned watches have undergone non-invasive mechanical inspections to ensure they are operating correctly and to ensure that they meet our standards of timekeeping and functionality.

Our pre-owned watches, unless stated otherwise, are covered by either a full or a limited twenty-four month warranty. This excludes any and all damage or mechanical failure sustained to the watch due to improper use or incident. Due to their age, some pre-owned watches should not be subjected to the same conditions as when new.

To clarify, our twenty-four month warranty only covers mechanical failure that could potentially happen with normal use. Any and all issues that may arise from improper use of a watch will not be covered by the Greenwich Time warranty.

Any of our pre-owned watches that have been serviced by their respective manufacturer, will carry the manufacturer’s servicing guarantee. This is separate and supersedes, the twenty-four month warranty offered by Greenwich Time. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information. You can write to us directly at Hello@greenwichtimeluxuries.com, for further clarification.

Greenwich Time is also an authorized retailer for a number of watchmaking brands. These watches are covered by the original manufacturers warranty.


Please note that the Greenwich Time warranty is specific to the customer and is voided once sold to a third-party.